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European Kyusho Academy (EKA),
which is an international, style-independent, professional organization, was founded in 2005

Objectives of EKA:

  • Anatomical and energetic research of the human body, and sharing it in martial arts;
  • Search for themost efficient techniques, elaborate, practice and teach them;
  • Master and tteach resuscitation, revival, energetic reparation and healing;
  • Healthier and more effective wayof practicing martial arts, combat sports with helping of Kyusho;
  • Introduce the original interpretations of martial motions and movements;
  • Train high qualified Kyusho instructors;

All above must be done by integrating Kyusho into our own martial art.

Our philosophy:

All the fighting techniques must be percise, accurate, intentional and conscious. Be fully aware of  what we are doing – and be able to restore what we had destroyed. That is the point of European Kyusho Academy

Founders of EKA
Founders of the European Kyusho Academy