Instructor Robert GOESLBAUER

national instructor of EKA

web: , Facebook: Robert Göslbauer

  1. Personal Datas:

Name:    Robert Göslbauer        Date of Birth:    22. November 1973.

Family:    married since 2005

  1. Martial Art - professional datas

1990    Start Shotokan-Karate with Master Alfred Friesenbichler in Birkfeld

1996    1st Dan in Shotokan-Karate

1999    2nd Dan in Shotokan-Karate

2000    Start Goju-ryu Karate with Master Pavol Hluch/Slowakia

2002    3rd Dan in Shotokan-Karate

2003    Start Ryu-Kyu Kobudo with Master Katherine Loukopoulos from Greece

2003    Become the leader of the Dojo in Birkfeld

2006    4th Dan in Allstyle-Karate

2007    Start Kyusho-jitsu with Master Zsolt Szenasi

2008    Start Shito Kai Karate-do with Master Zsolt Szenasi

2009    Official representative of the WSKF for Austria

2011    3rd Dan in Shito ryu Karate
            3rd Dan in Kyusho Jitsu, Ryukyu Kempo
            5th Dan in Austrian Karate Federation

Other martial arts:
Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Shudokan-Karate-do, Iai-do, Escrima

  1. Education:

1996    Karate Instructors Course in the Styrian Karate Federation

2001    Fitness Trainer on the BAFL in Graz/Austria

2002    Instructor for Medical Qi-Gong and Taiji-quan on the TCM-Academy
            in Vienna/Austria

2003    Instructor for Allround-Karate in the Styrian Karate Federation

2004    Karate Teachers course on the BAFL in Graz/Austria

  1. Foundation of Sport Federations & Associations:

2009        ASKF - Austria Shito Kai Karate-do Federation

  1. Competition results:

1998    1st Place Kata Styrian Championships

1999    1st Place Kata Styrian Championships

2000    1st Place Kata Styrian Championships

2007    1st Place Kata IMAF World Contest Tokio/Japan
st Place Kobudo IMAF World Contest Tokio/Japan
rd Place Jiu-jitsu Team IMAF World Contest Tokio/Japan