European KYUSHO Academy
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India - vital points of the elephant

China - Great Wall

Okinawa - among China, Taiwan and Japan

Okinawa- Ryukyu islands

History of KYUSHO


KYUSHO jitsu has basically the same history as the other Southeast  Asian martial arts. It has arrived to the island of Okinawa via India and China.

In the course of the history of martial arts, from classical ‘Jitsu’ – which were real military systems, with the aim of destruction or laying out - has evolved the traditional martial arts -‘do’-, focusing on mental harmony, self-development and education.

Modern combat sports have developed from these traditional martial arts, and scoring by predetermined rules has become the main aim. Meanwhile rules make the protection of modern athletes of primary importance.

So the real, devastating fighting feature has transformed and vanished.

Modern KYUSHO was founded by George A. Dillman (10.dan) who is one of the most prominent persons of the American martial art era. He was one of the most successful competitors in his time. He had won more than 300 prestigious fighting and form competitions.

Then he met Hohen Soken (1972) and Seiyu Oyata (1980) from Okinawa, who launched him in studying KYUSHO jitsu.

After 15 years of strenuous studying, practicing with the greatest masters and medical-anatomical research Dillman has founded the system of modern KYUSHO jitsu, bringing back the original interpretation of the martial arts’ techniques.